Authenteq provides identity verification and KYC solution that allows customers to verify their identity through any channel without compromising their privacy.

– Testing of the mobile and web solution that included document validation and liveness detection. Testing the document validation was based on a deep understanding of ICAO-9303 standard and all types of the Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD). Liveness detection testing included the generation of test data in different light conditions and testing the limits of the AI in company-wide test sessions. Generating quality reports for EU projects as well as writing the quality assurance methods we’re using.

– Supporting a dynamic and fast-paced startup brought a new challenge to me. The role of a Scrum Master has utilized the organizational and motivational skills in creating a productive and collaborative environment within the team. Facilitated the scrum events and helped to maintain team unity.

– Building the customer support processes was done in Zendesk and required review and investigation of issues. For the successful investigation of the issue, it was a requirement knowledge of official document types worldwide, their specifications, historical changes, and cultural uniqueness.

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